Terms of Use for Request for Sponsorship

AHS has developed a set of criteria to further support more long-term strategies for Family Physicians and Specialists in community practice recruitment:

Please be aware of the following when submitting an application:

  • All requests for AHS sponsorship must be submitted using the online request process and must be completed fully.
  • AHS will only consider applications for positions, not individual physicians. When the position is approved for sponsorship, it is the responsibility of the organization to recruit a qualified and competent physician that meets the job description outlined in this application. Once the recruiting clinic/organization has found an individual to fill a sponsored position, AHS will write to the CPSA to confirm AHS’ agreement to sponsor the individual so long as they are being assessed for and then fulfilling the specific sponsored position.
  • The position must serve a relative, unmet need in an underserviced community. All requests are considered individually against the relative benefit their recruitment will have on patient care in the respective community. The requests will also be reviewed on their ability to contribute to system priorities.
  • AHS will only consider requests for sponsorship for positions that will substantially deliver insured services in Alberta.
  • For family medicine positions, it is expected that the recruited physician will join a PCN, unless there is no PCN available in the local area. All recruited physicians are expected to apply to join the AHS Medical Staff.
  • The recruiting clinic/organization will be responsible for all costs relating to the Practice Readiness Assessment regardless of the outcome of the CPSA assessment. This includes reimbursing AHS any costs levied to it by the CPSA for the assessment and a fee determined by AHS to recover its costs in managing the sponsorship.
  • The recruiting clinic/organization will provide AHS with information as required to confirm that the recruited physician is in fact fulfilling the expectations of the position that AHS sponsored. Failure to do so may result in AHS withdrawing its sponsorship for the position.

To request that AHS consider sponsoring a position in order to be eligible for Practice Readiness Assessment by the CPSA, the recruiting clinic/organization must complete a Sponsorship Assessment Request for one of the following:

  1. a Family Physician, including those in specialized roles form
  2. Specialist form.

All positions AHS agrees to sponsor will be advertised on DoctorJobsAlberta.com. The posting template for this website must be completed for each position at the same time that the request for sponsorship is submitted.

You can complete both these forms by clicking one of the buttons below. The completed forms will be forwarded to the applicable AHS Zone for review.

To determine whether AHS will sponsor the requested position, AHS uses, as a guideline, a set of evaluation criteria. The criteria and evaluation criteria is applied by each zone to define their underserviced communities and the relative unmet need of the zone.

AHS will notify the recruiting clinic/organization of its decision regarding assessment sponsorship. If AHS agrees to sponsor the position, the posting will be added to www.DoctorJobsAlberta.com and will clearly note that it is sponsorship eligible should the preferred candidate require a Practice Readiness Assessment.

Submit a Request for a Family Medicine position Submit a Request for a Specialist position

Information at a Glance

Changes to how international physicians are sponsored by Alberta Health Services will help address those communities in greatest need of family physicians.

The changes, which have been made after consultation with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, the Alberta Medical Association, Primary Care Networks, universities and non AHS clinics, will prioritize sponsorships for physician vacancies in high need areas, which generally are located outside the province’s urban centres.

AHS will continue to work with Primary Care Networks and walk in clinics to ensure they continue to be able to recruit international physicians in communities of identified need.

AHS will continue to work directly with PCNs and walk in clinics regarding this process change.

Compared to peer provinces, Alberta currently has the second highest number of physicians per 100,000 population (230 physicians). The current challenge is to ensure that physicians are practicing in areas of greatest need. There are several initiatives designed to recruit and retain physicians to harder to recruit communities, such as AH Rural and Remote Physician Support Program and Physician Skills Enrichment Programs. The updates to the sponsorship process are one additional strategy to improve physician access to rural and remote communities.