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Deputy Facility Medical Director - Area 9

Part Time Practice
Grande Prairie
Grande Prairie - Queen Elizabeth II Hospital
2021-05-04  Time: 23:59
AHS Sponsorship for CPSA Practice Readiness Assessment is not offered for this position.
Position located in: North Zone To learn more about this zone
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Responsibilities and Duties:

The DFMD shall assist the FMD in fulfilling his/her duties for the FMD’s North Zone Area and as the FMD designates. Without limiting the authority of AHS relative to its administrative structures, the responsibilities of the DFMD include, but are not limited to:

1) The DFMD is a senior physician leader for his/her Regional Hospital and North Zone Area reporting to the FMD;

2) Jointly accountability for practitioner-related matters and operational decisions that arise within a Regional Hospital with the DFMD’s North Zone operational Director partners to facilitate the effective day-to-day operations of their Area;

a) Operationalizing AHS’ and North Zone’s strategic direction and key initiatives;

b) Accountability for achieving operational budget targets for DFMD’s Area in a shared accountability with his/her operational partner;

c) DFMDs are responsible for arranging another physician leader to cover his/her responsibilities and duties if the DFMD is to be absent for a period of time. Acting DFMD leadership coverage is subject to the approval of the ZMD/FMD, and requires a submission to the ZMD/FMD at least one week prior to the DFMD’s absence. The FMD’s administrative assistant will send out notification of the DFMD’s absence and of the Acting DFMD;

3) Effective and Consistent Communication to support front line practitioner engagement.

a) Ensuring active two way communication of key information;

b) Attending in person ZCDFC/FPMD medical staff meetings.

i) These ZCDFC/FPMD meetings require an agenda from the FMD and at least bulleted minutes (including a list of practitioners attending the meeting) to be taken by the FMD or his/her admin assistant. The minutes should include the date of the meeting, a list of the practitioners attending the meeting, discussion items from the meeting in a bulleted format, and a list of action items.

ii) The minutes are to be emailed to the ZMD’s administrative assistant within one week of the meeting.

c) Lead quarterly in-person 1:1 meetings with all the FMD/DFMD’s reporting ZCDFCs/FPMDs;

i) These 1:1 meetings require an agenda from the FMD/DFMD/ZCDFC/FPMD and at least bulleted minutes (including a list of practitioners attending the meeting) to be taken by the FMD/DFMD or his/her admin assistant. The minutes should include the date of the meeting, discussion items from the meeting in a bulleted format, and a list of action items.

ii) The minutes are to be emailed to the ZMD’s administrative assistant within one week of the meeting.

iii) The exact duration and location of the meeting is less important than regular and timely two-way communication.

d) Advancing the perspective, advice and resource requirements of the Medical Staff providing services in a Regional Hospital and surrounding Area;

4) Attending key ZMD meetings including monthly ZMAC (and its subcommittees), bimonthly North Zone Senior Physician Leadership meetings, North Zone Physician Leadership Forum, and other meetings as chosen by ZMD/FMD;

5) Advocating for the provision of high quality and safe patient care in a Regional Hospital and surrounding Area including:

a) an encouragement of and commitment to best practice standards;

b) a promotion of the most effective utilization of resources;

c) an assessment and preparation a list of new equipment required at the time of budget preparation;

d) an assistance in working with the respective ZCDFCs/FPMDs and to recommend admissions and/or discharges in times of bed shortages, disaster, strike and other unforeseen circumstances;

e) a facilitation of patient concerns and critical incidents reviewed by the respective ZCDFCs/FPMDs;

f) a coordination of quality assurance, length of stay, hospital flow and system optimization initiatives;

g) a promotion and support of continuing education for medical staff; and

h) an assistance in the accreditation process;

i) working internally within AHS’ leadership structure, and abiding by AHS/CPSA MSBs/MSRs/Codes/Policies, to fully and openly advocate for the advancement of patient care or patient safety issues. (AHS MSB Article 4.2.3)

6) North Zone Physician workforce planning and health service planning;

a) Encouraging the active participation of North Zone physicians in teaching and assessment activities, in an effort to support the next generation of North Zone physicians, as well as to help address ongoing North Zone physician recruitment and retention challenges by “growing our own”;

7) Ensuring compliance of front line practitioners with AHS MSBs/MSRs

8) Liaising with Health Advisory Council (HAC) members, external stakeholders and community members with the DFMD’s operational Director partners for the Area;

9) Regional Hospital and surrounding Area capital project planning and development needs;

10) Serving as an arbitrator for disputes involving physicians and leading any Triggered Initial Assessments/Reviews in the DFMD’s Area as per AHS’ MSBs/MSRs;

11) Participating in NZ physician leadership development. At a minimum, an DFMD commits to attending two annual physician leadership development events (approved by the NZMA and fully funded by AHS);

12) Coordinating and supervising the patient concern and critical incident process within his/her Area;

13) Coordinating and facilitating appropriate continuing education activities;

14) Recording ongoing demonstrative/written evidence of work product consistent with the position’s full FTE calculated weekly for financial audit/general accounting purposes regarding an independent contractor. Work product includes:

a) Emails

b) Tele-conference, video-conference or in-person meeting minutes

c) Bulleted notes from phone calls, meetings or “corridor conversations” including the date, time/duration of encounter, and physician(s) involved; AND

Performing all duties as may be designated or delegated by the ZMD, FMD or designate.

The candidate must be eligible for Licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

Successful candidate will be required to reside in Grande Prairie.

Compensation will be determined by the AHS Physician Leader Compensation Grid and will be commensurate with the responsibilities of the position, the time required to fulfill these responsibilities, and the skills/experience of the successful application.

Dr. Albert Harmse, acting Zone Medical Director - North

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