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Medical Informatics Lead - Area 9 (Grande Prairie)

Connect Care
Part Time Practice
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2020-12-28  Time: 23:59
AHS is recruiting for this position.
AHS Sponsorship for CPSA Practice Readiness Assessment is not offered for this position.
Position located in: North Zone To learn more about this zone
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  1. Effective and consistent communication in working with the Zone ACMIO and other Clinical Informatics leads across the clinical, geographic, facility and program diversity within the zone to engage and support frontline physicians in their involvement and use of the Clinical Information System;
  2. Participate in CIS preparation, deployment, and optimization; while helping to mobilize AHS frontline physician engagement in customization and personalization processes;
  3. Develop proficiency with CIS uses and functions to facilitate more productive communications and interactions with vendor and the health region technical teams;
  4. Meet at least monthly with Area frontline physicians to ensure timely and ongoing communication of frontline practitioner recommendations and concerns from their respective Area’s to the ACMIO;
  5. Work as a Subject Matter Expert/Champion for Clinical Informatics thinking, standardization of care and workflows across Zone facilities where possible;
  6. Advocate for health systems quality improvements and clinical improvements within AHS and care partners in order to promote efficient and effective use of the CIS;
  7. Promote NZ physician development and growth of health information literacy within the Lead’s geographic Area(s) and North Zone as a whole;
  8. Lead and develop a user group for their respective specialty and liaise with and support other zonal user groups, supported by the CMIO office;
  9. Promote meaningful use of CIS through peer outreach and nurturing of more specialized clinical informatics lead roles;
  10. Facilitate the development and field testing of clinical informatics policies and procedures while encouraging greater synergy and standardization among localized information practices by representing the CMIO office at relevant AHS Connect Care committees including but not limited to the Zone Informatics Councils;
  11. Work internally within AHS’ leadership structure, and abide by AHS/CPSA MSBs/MSRs/Codes/Policies, to fully an openly advocate for the advancement of patient care or patient safety issues.
  12. A MIAL may not identify his/her MIAL role for external or public advocacy purposes without written approval from his/her ACMIO/ZMD to ensure consistent AHS public communication and to avoid confusion by the general public between frontline physician opinion/advocacy and AHS advocacy;
  13. Consistent with MSB Article 4.2.3, a frontline physician who is also a medical leader may fully and openly advocate for the advancement of patient care or patient safety issues publically, without ACMIO/ZMD approval, as long as the frontline physician clearly indicates the public comments reflect their opinion as a frontline physician, and not their opinion as a MIAL physician leader/representative.
  14. Record ongoing demonstrative/written evidence of work product consistent with the position’s full FTE calculated weekly for financial audit/general accounting purposes regarding an independent contractor. Work product includes: a) Emails
    b) Tele-conference, video-conference or in-person meeting minutes
    c) Bulleted notes from phone calls, meetings or “corridor conversations” including the date, time/duration of encounter, and physician(s) involved;
  15. Perform all duties as may be designated or delegated by the ZMD, CMIO, ACMIO or designate.

The candidate must be eligible for Licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. Preference will be given to those physicians in Area 9 (Grande Prairie).

Please note: This position is an interim position - term to be determined.

Compensation will be determined by the AHS Physician Leader Compensation Grid and will be commensurate with the responsibilities of the position, the time required to fulfill these responsibilities, and the skills/experience of the successful application.

AHS values the diversity of the people and communities we serve, and is committed
to attracting, engaging and developing a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Please submit one application for each position desired as copies of applications will not be submitted for multiple postings on your behalf. Applications must include skills and ability for the position, since selection is based on information provided in the application. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you for applying with the AHS!

All new offers of employment are subject to a Criminal Records Check satisfactory to the employer.
This information is collected by the authority of the Protection For Person In Care Act (Section 10(4)).

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