Alberta Licensure

To practice as a physician in Alberta, you need an Alberta medical practice permit. Practice permits are issued by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA).

Before You Apply

If you don’t have an Alberta medical practice permit and want to apply for a practice opportunity with Alberta Health Services (AHS), you must first pass a CPSA Review of Qualifications.

The CPSA Review of Qualifications is a pre-screening process to determine if you meet general eligibility requirements to practise medicine in Alberta. If you do, the CPSA will send you a letter confirming you are eligible to apply for a practice permit.

Include Your “Review of Qualifications Results Letter” From the CPSA When Applying to AHS

When you apply for a practice opportunity on Doctor Jobs Alberta, you are strongly recommended to upload your CPSA “Review of Qualifications results letter” with your Curriculum Vitae (import the letter as a PDF into your Doctor Jobs Alberta account). This will let us know you are eligible to apply for an Alberta medical practice permit. Without this letter, you may not be considered.

Are You Eligible?

For detailed information on the CPSA’s registration process and eligibility requirements, go to Alberta Medical Practice Permit – General Eligibility Requirements on the CPSA website. You will find flowcharts you can use to self-assess your eligibility for Family Medicine or Specialty practice at no cost and a link to the online application system to submit your Review of Qualifications if you meet all the requirements

For more information, contact the CPSA at

Alternative Physician Opportunities

Candidates who have predominantly trained and practiced outside Canada — referred to as International Medical Graduates (IMGs) — may not be eligible for an independent medical practice permit in Alberta.

However, alternative physician opportunities are available:

Alberta Licensure

Are you eligible to practice independently in Alberta?

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